In his book, child sexual abuse (CSA) survivor and author ERIC JONES details the personal devastation that results from being sexually violated as a child.

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Yet his book offers genuine hope for fellow survivors—that they can undertake a dynamic, personally-significant, and successful journey toward healing from their past trauma and pain.

In the first part of his book, Jones shares his own CSA story—offering examples of the many abuse-related after-effects experienced during his childhood and adult life.


He follows this with information on the topic of child sexual abuse, including disturbing statistics and important facts on the practice of grooming, trauma- induced brain development, and the mental and physical health challenges that plague millions of CSA survivors worldwide.

Jones advocates for survivors, lovingly encouraging them to seek healing through the use of talk therapy, the expressive arts, and other helpful recovery methods and resources.

He highlights what has worked on his own mountain climb toward healing. The book ends where it begins—with hope for robust healing when CSA survivors choose to begin an impactful, restorative journey of personal discovery.

Eric shares his own pain, brokenness, and despair to help others navigate the journey into wholeness. Eric’s first-hand experience guides the reader through the intricacies of child sexual abuse while empowering them to find their own light and HOPE.


You’ll find this enlightening, engaging, and filled with rich and deeply positive help towards building a survivor’s robust healing journey—allowing positive steps forward to lead a promising life. I invite you to embrace this powerful and heartfelt book.



Executive Director

Restore Hope, Gresham, Oregon

Author Eric Jones

ERIC JONES is the President and

Survivor Support Director for Restore Hope,

a Portland, Oregon area nonprofit, whose mission is to protect children and teens from sexual abuse and help adult survivors heal from their trauma.


He is himself a survivor and believes that it takes a “village” to protect children—all adults are collectively responsible for keeping every child safe from the many abuse perpetrators hiding in plain sight in today’s society.


Jones has worked in marketing, purchasing, transportation, an academic library, radio broadcasting, and local government. Passionately advocating for prevention of child sexual abuse and robust survivor support is the most satisfying and rewarding work of his life. He and his wife have six children, 21 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Watch a bit of Eric's personal story

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Courage to speak out about situations that others do not know about, are afraid to know about, and some would never want to know about, is extremely important. It is where healing begins and abuse ends. 


Retired Library Director and Professor Emeritus

Carroll College, Helena, Montana

The format is powerful as it segues from [the author's] situation to advice for the reader who may be, or already knows they are, a victim/survivor of CSA. I know it will help untold people.



Professional Mediator, Portland, Oregon